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Everything we do at Athleat has one purpose; to provide the best quality food and service to help you achieve your goals.

We do not believe there is one plan for everyone. We have created different templates that allow our clients to choose the plan that best suits their bodies, lifestyles and goals.


For the performance and muscle-gaining enthusiast.
Average macros per meal
55C 35P 15F

Meals to Expect: Pesto Pasta Sri Lankan Beef Curry Chicken Burrito Bowls


For the fat-loss enthusiast.
Average macros per meal
25C 35P 16F

Meals to Expect: Asian Teriyaki Salad Low-Carb Hawaiian Pizzas Mojo Steak


For the detail-oriented enthusiast.
Make your own plan by choosing your ingredients, weights and macros to help you hit your goals.

We work with all our clients to create a pattern that is best suited for them and are very flexible with our packages (any package can be frozen at a 48 hour notice).

Meals are prepared fresh daily, placed in quality containers that are safe for microwave re-heating, and then packed in a cooler bag and will remain chilled. Your daily order is then delivered to your home or your business office between 04:00 AM – 07:00 AM and 04:00PM – 07:00PM.

At Athleat, we want to ensure that we are working with you to help you achieve your goal. So, we wanted to help you understand what being ‘no nonsense’ means to us.
  1. Our meals are prepared daily. – This helps us focus on quality and freshness.
  2. We are focused on research and follow the latest in nutrition and fitness. – Rather than just following food trends, we follow science and health updates to ensure that you will get results.
  3. We cater to all diets profiles rather than specializing in specific ones. – We are not a Paleo, Vegan or Keto plan. While we may do these in customized meal plans, we believe they are limiting and cannot always guarantee that you will hit your goals. However if this is an option you are looking for, we will work along with you to ensure that you have the best experience.
  4. We are not just a regular food company – While we may prepare food, we not simply a food prep company. We are a family. We hope you join us and feel the same.
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