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Let us help you hit those macros.

Please choose your macros and we will send you then ideal amount of meals for the macros provided. This is charged differently than other templates because it is based purely off of weight. A quotation will be sent to you upon filling out this form.

How hungry are you?

Would you like to add on something extra?

Individualize it!

We can accommodate up to 3 allergies/exclusions for your plan.

In order to maximize your experience we allow no more than 3 exclusions per plan. Our goal is to provide a wide range of food that is precise to your goals and great tasting.


Each template is for 20 days and can be split up however way you would like, ie. 5 days a week for 4 weeks, or 20 days straight with weekend delivery.

Please allow us to help you better by ensuring payment is made within the first 3 days of starting, and renewal payments are made within 3 days of billing to avoid interruption of service. We accept cash on delivery. If payment is not made within 3 days and cancellation occurs, Athleat reserves the right to receive payment for days used on the plan.

In the situation of a cancelled order or modifications for your meals, please allow us up to 48 hours to implement a change. For any modifications and/or cancellations please either whatsapp +971-58-5887814, or email us on [email protected]

A cash deposit of AED 155 for a cooler bag is required.

Please note that without signing and submitting this page, we can not guarantee getting you started as soon as possible.

We ask you, as our valued clients and customers, to never hesitate to let us know any feedback you have for Athleat. We are a community-driven project, and are always looking to improve in any way we can. Thank you for being a part of this!

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